How has COVID-19 affected Rent&Relax?

During this difficult time, when the COVID-19 virus has created upheaval and uncertainty, we are faced with an unprecedented time in travel where the passenger volume has fallen by over 97%. The impact of the virus is devastating certain sectors of the economy and Rent&Relax has not been spared. Global travel has been the most affected business sector in the world, with airlines reducing drastically domestic and international travel and States closing their borders. During this turbulent time, it is absolutely critical to continue to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for our guests.

How are we managing the current environment?

With the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19, we at Rent&Relax are thinking about how to reassure our guests and take proper precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

Our aim is to provide the best service to our guests at this time. We want to make our customers feel comfortable, keeping our reservations by letting them know our properties are correctly disinfected. We already have and always had high cleaning standards, but disinfection requires an additional level of attention to detail and conscientiousness about how germs are spread. To offer our guests a comfortable stay and a welcoming space, ozone sanitization is the ideal solution. Ozone is a highly unstable natural gas with a high disinfectant and sanitizing power. Its oxidizing characteristic is able to eliminate bacteria, viruses and microorganisms (such as molds and mildew), parasites and spores. It also removes bad smells of smoke, cooking, animals and destroys the volatile residues of chemical detergents. The sanitization of the rooms is carried out for every new customer and eliminates the microbial load of those who have stayed there before, recreating a deeply clean and deodorized environment, ready to welcome the new guest.

Sanitizing with ozone our apartments is a gesture of care and respect for our customers, protecting their health and the one of our staff.

What does the future look like?

COVID-19 has swiftly halted travel and has forced us to make decisions that were previously unimaginable, but the current threat is equally unimaginable.

Please know, we can and will survive the COVID-19 crisis if we continue to make smart and informed decisions. This will change our company and our society as a whole; it will cause us to be more patient, to be more caring and to recognize and celebrate the things that make us alike, not spending so much time and energy on the things that make us different.

We believe in our people and in a future fueled by optimism and hope. We will see travel return; we will see an economic recovery and, more importantly, these difficult decisions we are making today will increase our chances of being here to welcome our people back as we were used to.